Strategic Aims and Objectives

We have 5 strategic aims and measure our success based upon how well we are progressing towards them. These strategic aims are derived from our overall purpose, core beliefs and vision of educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight and they form the basis of the Trust’s key performance indicators.


Strategic Aim 1: All of our schools are excellent in every category.

1.1    Leadership in all our schools is highly effective.

1.2   Quality of teaching and learning in all our schools is outstanding.

1.3   From their starting points, standards and achievement will be well above national average for all pupils.

1.4   Health, safety and well-being of children and staff in all our schools is outstanding.

1.5   We are an employer of choice.


Strategic Aim 2: Avanti’s unique ethos and vision are embodied throughout the organisation.

2.1       All staff consistently demonstrate behaviour which supports and promotes the Trust’s ethos.

2.2       Character formation contributes to pupils’ happiness and self-fulfilment.

2.3       In our faith-designated schools, spiritual development is evident in pupils’ engagement with faith practice and worship.


Strategic Aim 3: Avanti makes a contribution to the wider education system beyond our own schools.

3.1       Contribution to increased and improved teacher and leadership capacity.

3.3       Contribution to improved standards in the local areas of our schools.


Strategic Aim 4: The Trust provides highly effective strategic leadership.

4.1       Governance at all levels is best-in-class.

4.2       Schools are well-supported and challenged.

4.3       Positive and professional relationships across all stakeholders help our schools thrive.


Strategic Aim 5: The Trust’s rate of growth is optimal for achieving the above aims.

5.1       Avanti schools are seen as the provider of choice for local parents, local authorities and the Department for Education.