Raison d’être

The purpose of Avanti is to contribute to society through the systematic pursuit of human values and spiritual flourishing.

 Core beliefs

  • We are each unique spiritual beings, full of knowledge, bliss and incredible potential.
  • We can develop the best version of ourselves when we discover and begin to fulfil our intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual potential.
  • We always have the freedom to choose how we respond to any situation and so we create our future by choosing what we nurture within us.
  • We have a duty to act as custodians of the world and other living beings, causing the least possible physical, emotional or spiritual harm.
  • We see the one same reality from different perspectives and open-minded dialogue enriches our own vision.
  • We will live meaningful and deeply contented lives if we pursue a virtuous purpose greater than ourselves.
  • We need to love and be loved, nourished by personal relationships that support us to be our best.


Avanti schools prepare us for our life-journeys with educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight.

Educational excellence nurtures our passion for learning. We are encouraged to become reflective and thoughtful individuals. We learn to take positive risks in a safe environment. Our learning lays firm foundations for our vocation, lifelong learning and self-fulfilment.

Character development drives our becoming exemplary citizens. Our character and conduct set a worthy example and support our every success. We are conscious of how our choices impact the world around us, including all living beings.

Spiritual insight in our non-denominational schools helps us to better understand ourselves, others and the world around us. Spirituality is made relevant and accessible to all, irrespective of faith or belief.

Spiritual insight in our Hindu faith-designated schools rekindles our unique, personal and loving relationship with Lord Krishna. Spirituality is made relevant and accessible to all, irrespective of faith or belief.