Year 7 students had the opportunity to experience a STEM day delivered by Learn by Design called ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest’.  The aim of this event was to widen participation by encouraging students from diverse groups to consider courses and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The day was filled with a range of hands-on activities and a career talk from the STEM ambassador.  Students were challenged to work effectively in small teams to solve problems practically.  Challenges included investigating the issues with supplying energy to the world given the current population growth and the new demands on energy supplies.   Students then had the opportunity to design and create an electrically powered car using super capacitors that would stop at a set target distance.  The winning team managed to build a car that travelled and stopped just 10cm short of the target distance, which was a fantastic achievement.  Congratulations to PJ Williams (7NK), Shyam Anadkat (7NK), Riya Choudary (7NK), Varun Thacker (7NK).

The Learn by Design presenter commended our students for their enthusiasm, effort and behaviour.  All the students thoroughly enjoyed the day, gaining new skills and confidence.

‘This was a really fun day and helped build my confidence with science and practical work.’  Meera Lodhia 7AB

‘This was a great day as there were a variety of challenges.  I got to work with other students and build on my teamwork skills’.  Tanisha Patel 7AB 

‘The electrical car building task was really interesting and made us think about how to improve our designs in a practical way.’ Vikisha Kapadia and Yishuka Phalswal 7RK