Mrs Taplin and Miss Bigginton took Avanti Fields female students to their first ever high school netball tournament.  The tournament was held at Soar Valley and it was a great experience.  It helped us bond and get to know each other.  We had the opportunity to meet and interact with students from other schools.  It also helped boost our confidence.  Being coached by other school sports coaches, gave us lots of tips will help us improve our skills and techniques to be a better player for the future.

Winning the first matches started us off with a really positive vibe and momentum.  Although we did not win all the matches, the important factor was participating and enjoying the tournament.

Post tournament feelings and discussions from the Avanti girls: “We look forward to the next tournament, knowing we will do better.”

“More time and effort practising will definitely make us better!”


Well done to all the girls who played:

Avnish Patel, Melissa Kano, , Neha Nayee, Treena Basra, Disha Nayee, Krisha Shah, Sarvashri Patel,  Avni Patel, Shyami Tatawat, Sienna Barai, Khushi Chauan, Siya Patel, Riya Choudhary


Written by Sienna, Melissa and Tanisha.