We are at the halfway point of this first half term with three weeks completed and four weeks yet to go. I would like to start by stating my appreciation and respect for all of the community, you as parents, in the positive way in which you have supported us as we find our feet in the new building. I seem to have mentioned on many occasions the teething issues of a new site and the patience required, as you ‘bear with us’. I am hugely grateful that you are being patient whilst there are quite frustrating moments, such as the rush of lunch – I am very pleased to do right, we have a solution!


From Monday, the children will have staggered lunches which will mean your child has 50 minutes to eat their lunch at a reasonable pace and enjoy time with friends and peers across the school also. The staggered timings will mean that only half of the school population will be using the dining facilities at a time. Whilst half of the school are at lunch, the other half will be in lessons – this means that there is no reduction whatsoever in learning time.

The only negative point to this arrangements is that staff and children will not all be on the same lunch times and will therefore have some days when they might not be able to see friends in other classes all year groups during lunch. We will run the system to half term, giving us four weeks to explore other options – ideally, the lunchtime is the same for all students and staff so that people can meet and talk to friends regardless of which class or year group they are in.

By resolving the rush of lunch, we will also have much better opportunities to gather the children’s views on the quality of lunches, the options available, and the opportunity to improve any little pains that people have.

Restorative Practice – Building Relationships, Improving Behaviour and Creating Stronger Communities

You have no idea what students are dealing with in their own life. So just be nice - it’s that simple.

Mark Finnis

Two ears – one mouth – listen before you speak. You may have heard this, or something similar before. As the Principal of Krishna Avanti Primary School and now Interim Principal of Avanti Fields School, I listen. I listen to understand and in doing so seek to help. My promise to you is I will listen to your children,  you as parents and each other as colleagues. If we are unable to do that we have made a mistake. I hope and trust that all staff will do the same. 

Restorative Practice is a way of being, not a process. Every person is greatly valued and their point on their journey is unique. When we talk to each other and connect, we should always do so remembering we do not know everything. Our own personal circumstances will affect our behaviours – these are not to be used as excuses to do less or underachieve,  but we must be conscious that sometimes, we just don’t know! Let us always have respect for each other and be positive towards each other. I really do hope your child has benefited from staff that care, smile and positively encourage them. Let us all be nice and smile – it may just help someone. 


Some cars are parked on both sides of the road on Thurmaston Lane and some parked on the pavement. A resident has said there was no through route for his pram. Please be kind and only use Thurmaston Lane as it should be; by foot/bicycle. 

ParentPay Lunch Payments

We are having a few issues with our lunch payment system, please bear with us whilst we resolve these. We will ensure that your child does not go without lunch. Please can you ensure that your child’s account is in credit. 

Glass Bottles

There have been a number of instances where children have brought in glass water bottles which have broken. Please only send your child with a plastic or metal water bottle. 


Clubs have now begun and everybody should know which clubs they have a place at. I understand that there are a great number of children that do not have a place at a club that they would like. I can appreciate this is very disappointing but please understand that places in many clubs are limited and when the demand is very high, we are unable accommodate the requests. 

As clubs change each half term, we will try to accommodate children that have missed out previously, but this cannot be guaranteed. I very much hope that the number of clubs offered will increase (either with school staff or external providers) which will provide opportunities for a larger number of students. 

A reminder to those collecting children at the end of clubs, all external boundary gates should be open so that you can come in to collect your child. At the end of the club the internal gates will be open so your child can leave and make their way home. 

Open Evening

Next week’s Open Evening is for current Year 6 children that would like to join us in Year 7. There will be opportunities very soon for you all to come and visit, so please do not book to visit on Wednesday as we need to limit numbers and give current Year 6 children the opportunity to visit. 

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Kite

Interim Principal