Welcome to the Secondary Phase

It is my privilege to warmly welcome you to Avanti Fields School as the Head of Secondary.

At Avanti fields we strive to enable students to understand and develop into the best version of themselves, undertaking a journey of self-discovery in order to fulfil their intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Our vision is built from the Avanti three pillars of educational excellencecharacter formation and spiritual insight and the Avanti values of respect, self-discipline, courage, integrity, empathy and gratitude.

To achieve this, we:

Engender a love of learning, promote independent thought, and inspire students to take calculated risks and think creatively.
Provide students with the tools and guidance to succeed, flourish and maximise their potential.
Create an environment where students feel safe and secure, knowing that they are part of a community and where relationships are forged on understanding, dialogue and mutual respect.
Provide an ambitious curriculum that is broad, balanced, and holistic preparing our students for life beyond school.
Provide the climate, opportunities, and support to develop spiritual insight and to explore their personal relationship with the divine.
Support and inspire all staff to strive towards and achieve excellence.

I am passionate in providing our students with the best provision possible and supporting our students on their journey of growth and development ensuring the highest standard of education is an entitlement for all students.

Nisha Kholia

Head of Secondary

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