Virtual Learning

Every pupil at Avanti Hall School has a virtual classroom, as well as a physical one. We use Google Classroom to make sure that pupils can access learning when not in school. All of our class codes can be found at this link:

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online tool which enables teachers to collaborate and communicate with students. Google Classroom serves as a hub for student work and classroom resources and provides benefits such as:

  • Allows teachers to give immediate feedback to students as they are working.
  • Provides resources to students – such as websites, documents, instructional videos and notes.
  • Helps students see what classroom work they may have missed if absent.
  • Ensures students have the same online resources at their fingertips.

How does the school use Google Classroom to support learning?

In the Primary phase, all classes have their own Google Classroom. In the secondary phase all tutor groups have a Google Classroom and individual subjects are all included in the one Google Classroom. Teachers are able to access their classes and set work, homework and share resources. As pupils progress through the school, teachers may create bespoke classrooms to support individuals who may be involved with whole school projects, for example a Duke of Edinburgh group, a Music club group etc…

All homework is communicated through Google Classroom.


Other Online Platforms

As a school we subscribe to the following platforms. If a teacher has set work using one of these online resources, it will be communicated and shared on the Google Classroom. If your child is unable to log on, please get in contact with the child’s class teacher or tutor. Teachers may also direct some learning to non-subscription education sites, for example BBC Bitesize. This again will be communicated through the Google Classroom.

English and Maths (Primary and Secondary)

IXL Website

Maths (Secondary)

Maths Kitchen Website

Secondary Subjects:

GCSE Pod Website

Staying safe online

Guidelines for parents, carers and children

It is important to have regular conversations about staying safe online and to encourage children to speak to you if they come across something worrying online.

These resources provide guidance for parents and carers to keep children safe online. They will, amongst other things, support you to talk to your child about a range of online safety issues, set up home filtering in a child-friendly way and set up age-appropriate parental controls on digital devices: