Google Classroom Codes

The codes below have been provided to the pupils in each year group. They can then use the code to access their class only.

Year Class Name Code
Reception Yew 7xm7tom
Year 1 Hazel 4qe63oe
Year 2 Beech fjcowg2
Year 3 Fir yhzpkmn
Year 4 Cedar 3agcuww
Year 5 Hawthorn fuyguni
Year 6 Birch rcso7zp
Year 7 Oak jebeaq4
Year 7 Willow kjhkhqc
Year 8 Elm sduushi
Year 8 Rowan de6alxv
Year 9 Alder flrrpt2
Year 10 Maple b5n7lzx
Year 11 Ash zvf6y62