School Policies

The following statutory and Trust-wide policies can be found (or are referenced) by clicking here.

  • Accessibility Plan
  • Admissions
  • Anti-bullying & Cyber-bullying policy
  • Capability of Staff
  • Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting Checks
  • Charging and Remissions
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedure
  • Collective Worship
  • Complaints procedure
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Data Protection
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
  • Ethos Handbook
  • Equality Policy
  • First Aid Policy
  • Health and Safety
  • Home-School Contract
  • Minutes & Papers of Governing Body Committees
  • Model Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information)
  • Physical Intervention and Reasonable Force Policy
  • Premises Management Documents
  • School Behaviour (Behaviour for learning)
  • Special Needs Education and Learning Differences and Disabilities Policy
  • Staff discipline, conduct and grievance
  • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
  • Unacceptable Behaviour policy

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