Primary Uniform

Uniform will be compulsory from September 2021, but we encourage pupils to be in uniform from January 2021. If pupils are wearing uniform, they must ensure they are wearing all essential items (polo shirt, trousers/skirt & PE Kit when necessary). If students are still wearing home clothes until September, they must not ‘mix and match’ between uniform items and non school uniform. The Primary Uniform consists of a white polo shirt (with or without logo), skirt or trousers, school jumper or fleece and a pair of black shoes (not trainers). The polo shirt, skirt and trousers may be purchased from another supplier. The skirt and trousers must be Grey and smart, the skirt must be knee-length.

If your child experiences sensory issues, please see some of the websites below for Sensory friendly school uniform items:

PE Kit

Primary PE Kit consists of a white polo or t-shirt, black shorts & trainers. Children are also permitted to wear the Secondary PE Kit available on the Brigade website if they wish.

Item Price Link to Buy
£7.45 Polo Shirt – Purchase from Website
£19.95 Skirt – Purchase from Website
Boys – £12.95

Girls – 14.95

Boys Trousers – Purchase from Website

Girls Trousers – Purchase from Website

Jumper –

£13.95 to £16.25 from the website

Jumper – Purchase from Website
Fleece (Optional) £11.95 Fleece – Purchase from Website