School Enrichment/Clubs

Various lunchtime and after school clubs are available for Primary and Secondary aged pupils including Chess Club, Multi-Sports Club, Code Club, etc.

Clubs available to your child will show on the Arbor Parent Portal. Consents and special equipment/clothing may be required for certain clubs, but all details will show when signing up on Arbor Parent Portal.

If you would like more information about clubs, please contact us via email on [email protected]

Clubs for Summer Term 2021

The table below details the school clubs which were running in the Summer Term 2021.

Clubs available and times are subject to change each term, so please see details of clubs running each term in the school newsletter. Please log in to the Arbor Parent Portal to enrol your child(ren) into a club.

Club Timetable Summer 2021


The enrolment in a club is normally for a half-term, sometimes a term, and pupils will need to re-enroll at the end of each booking period. We have now set clubs so that parents can book individual sessions, this enables you to book just the sessions that your child is attending, and if you have a dentist appointment, etc you can choose not to book/to cancel your booking for that week.

We need children enrolled in clubs they wish to attend so that teachers know who to expect at a club, and so that registers can be taken for safeguarding/fire register purposes. Most clubs also have a limited number of places and therefore it is important that parents book to avoid disappointment. It will sometimes be necessary to rotate who can attend popular clubs so that new students can join. If a club is full please discuss with the club lead whether your child can be added to a waiting list for the following half term.

It is particularly important that children are enrolled into after school clubs, as we need parental consent for children to remain after the end of school, and staffing levels may not allow a child to be added ‘just for this week’. Clubs are designed to provide enrichment for pupils and are not primarily to provide free afterschool childcare.

Should you have any queries regarding clubs please contact the club leads, or if you have issues enrolling on the Arbor ParentPortal please contact Natalya Rushton in the School Office.