Partial Opening Lunch Menu Spring Term 2021

In order to minimise the number of staff required to be on site we have created a simplified menu available to Vulnerable and Critical Worker children who are attending in person at Avanti Hall School during UK National Lockdown Jan – Feb 2021

Please book meals as normal on Parent Pay


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Soup & Roll Vegetable Chilli & Rice Tomato Or cheese Pasta Vegetarian Sausages Pizza
Vegetables/ Salad Jacket Potato & Salad Jacket Potato & Salad Fresh Vegetables & Salad Roasted new potatoes,  vegetables & Salad Wedges & Salad
Snack Option Grab Bag (filled bagel/ sandwich) Vegetarian Sausage Roll Grab Bag (filled bagel/ sandwich) Jacket Potato & Beans Jacket Potato


Flapjack Yoghurt Pots Jelly Pots & Fruit Cake Ice-cream Pots

Gluten Free and Vegan Options available to children registered as such on Arbor

Please book a week in advance to enable our staff to minimise food wastage.


Lunchtime Sittings during Partial Opening for each year group

12:15 – Key stage 1 Bubble (Reception, Years 1 & 2)

12:45 – Key stage 2 bubble (Years 3,4,5 & 6)

13:30 – Key stage 3 Bubble (Years 7,8 & 9)

13:40 – Key stage 4 Bubble  (Years 10 & 11)


G – Gluten, Mk – Milk/butter, Ce – Celery, So – Soya, Mu – Mustard, E – Eggs, Su – Sulpher

An important part of our ethos is around the provision of hot, fresh, nutritious meals. Sharing tasty, healthy school lunches is an integral part of the educational experience at an Avanti school. It’s also an opportunity to enhance social skills and table etiquette, ensuring lunchtimes are a positive experience for all. School staff often enjoy taking lunch with pupils, creating a family atmosphere.

The lunch meals cooked on-site are vegetarian (in line with the ethos of the school).  If the lunch provision on offer does not meet your child’s needs, or if your child has specific diet requirements/preferences, please do speak to us so that we can provide for your child accordingly.  We encourage parents to visit the school to sample the school lunches in order to satisfy themselves with the quality of provision.

Meals can be designed to meet the needs of children with specific allergies.


Free School Meals

We strongly encourage parents who have financial constraints to apply for Free School Meals. The easiest way to apply to make a Free School Meals application is online here.  An application form can also be obtained from the school office. Any forms received by the school will be kept confidential.