Arbor’s Parent Portal

We use Arbor’s parent portal for checking your contact details, booking parents meetings, renewing your consents and giving consent for trips.

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If you are having any problems please contact reception or use the help documents below.

Taking photos at a school event

If you attend a school event you will be advised at the beginning if it is appropriate for you to take photos.

If you are taking photos please remember;

“You are welcome to take photos and videos of your children or other family members, but please be sensible with the images of other people’s children who may appear in the background. Please do not publish these on social media without the parent’s or the *student’s permission, thank you”.

  1. *the ‘student’s permission’ applies to those aged 13+ who are mature enough to provide consent for themselves.


Parking is not plentiful around school. We ask that all children from Year 4 up are dropped off in the designated areas and walk themselves onto the school site. This enables parents with smaller children to park safely.

  • Avanti Hall School requests that only parents with Reception & Year 1 children use the lay-by on Cowley Bridge Road at drop off and pick up times
  • Avanti Hall School requests that parents with children in Year 2 and above park/drop off in West Garth Road only
  • Avanti Hall School encourages children in Year 5 and above to be dropped off and to walk themselves into school
  • Please do not use the car parking facilities on site when you pick up or drop off your child unless you have agreed this with the SEND Team

Parking Rules Leaflet for West Garth road