On the 5th of June, year 4 (both classes) went to the British museum to learn more about Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Before we went, we took a worksheet, which we would be answering in the British Museum when we arrived. The museum was quite far but we managed to arrive on time. First we went to a section and we saw many different Viking and Anglo Saxon jewellery. Most of them were made of silver bronze. Quite a few were made of pure gold! I also found, there were combs made of wood which had some complicated designs which were very tiny, including the comb itself. After, we saw a huge necklace which was about three quarters of my size. When I asked my group leader why it was huge and she said it was because in those times, people were very tall. Then we went to place our bags into a locker each and started to head to the theatre. At the theatre, we watched a small video clip which told us interesting facts, including the helmets which Vikings wore, did not have horns. In the video, we also saw a piece of poo which was a thousand years old! I thought that was not true but surprisingly, it was. After we watched the clip, we had half an hour left until lunch so we went to the Egyptian sections to explore a tiny bit more. The sculptures were huge and there was writing on the wall. Next we went to the room which was filled with real mummies and few boxes with the humans’ organs? I thought this was it but unexpectedly, we saw a real human’s Body which was not wrapped with a cloth. In the body, there was a hole and inside it was an army of beetles! I was freaked out by this not only that, my body began to shiver with frightening but just in time; it was time for lunch so I was relived. Finally, we had lunch which was sandwich and the Desert was a cookie. In this fabulous trip to the British Museum I learnt that Vikings did not have horns on their helmet and Anglo Saxons did not really use swords to kill animals but they used it to fight with.


Written by Kavinuki Year 4