A small act of kindness goes a long way!

A few weeks ago, Om Shah Year 2, had taken it upon himself to plant and nurture a few Tulsiji seeds to observe the life cycle of a pant but also to give a special gift to his friends, neighbours and family.  He has now decided to help the school raise funds for the construction of the Haveli Project. He is accepting donations in exchange for his Tulsi plants and will give his proceeds to our very own Mr Hirani (Year 1 teacher and KS1 Maths Lead) who is taking part in the Gita Walk.

To date Om has raised £40 in two days by giving 14 plants and he has many more to give. He has been contacted by more than 75 people already (at the moment he does not have enough plants to give) however Om is very excited to grow more in next few weeks. He is aiming for £75 but is very confident that he will raise more.

This has been completely his independent idea and initiate. His parents are very happy and proud that he attends Avanti House Primary School where he is excelling not only in Academic Excellence but has many opportunities to shine through Character Formation and grow through developing his Spiritual Insight.