Where is the most extreme place your child has ever read a book? Whether it is up a tree, on top of a mountain or standing on their head, we want your photos! We want to create a real buzz around reading amongst our children and we are therefore setting you the challenge of finding the most extreme place to read a book and to photograph it.

Obviously, we encourage you to keep safe (I wouldn’t recommend reading in the jaws of a crocodile!) but we are really looking forward to seeing who in school has such a passion for reading that they have to do it anywhere and everywhere!

Look at the fabulous pictures of some of our pupils below!

The following Children have participated

Kaylen Patel 4RR
Paarav Shah 4RR
Aneesh Chamarthy 5JJ
Manogna Chamarthy 5JJ
Bhavika Gupta 6OO
Jarek Dhirawani Thakker 3GG
Dhru Patel 6CC
Leila Nandha 5SS
Aashi Vora 1TT
Riyana Shah 1DD
Niyati Maru 2FF
Saanvi Patel 2FF