Designing the Fourth Plinth

Every year the Mayor of London invites London’s primary and secondary schoolchildren to create artworks inspired by the commissions for the Fourth Plinth. Teachers can submit their students’ work as individuals or groups, and designs can be made in any medium, including drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, digital and video. There are three age categories; 5-7 years, 8-11 years and 12-15 years. Our Year 3 pupils have been working with an artist, Emma Moore, to thinks about what they feel is important to them that will make a difference in the world as they see it. The five week project has produced amazing results and has also instigated lots of questions as to why things happen.  The children have been focussing on social issues such as homelessness or raising awareness for the rain forests. Our entries have been submitted, fingers crossed our children have their work reproduced in two dimensions for an exhibition at City Hall in London.  See below some of the work in its development stage and comments from the children.

Aayush Parmar 3GG “Aaron, Shiv, Anand and I worked together to make a blue house to represent a poor person’s home. We were thinking that homeless people need to be taken care of and need a home.”

Dev Khakhar 3GG “A group of us were creating a rainforest because we wanted to remind everyone that we shouldn’t chop down too many trees. The animals that live in the forest are important and they need a home to live in. The rainforest is so colourful, when people see that, they will change their mind and they won’t want to destroy nature anymore. We used milk lids, pipe cleaners, tape, tissue rolls, paint, paper, cardboard, wooden sticks, string, plaster bandage, clay and feathers to create a beautiful forest. We are very creative!”

Jenna Patel 3GG “I was working with Saraya and Anaya to create a night sky. We chose this because we feel grateful for the stars in the galaxy and for the way the moon shines so brightly at night. We tried our best to make it look a night sky using clay, paper, paint, plaster bandage and card. We had so much fun!”

Zara Varsani 3GG: “Naya and I made a galaxy project because we love galaxies and we think it’s important because it’s such a beautiful part of the world that we sometimes forget about. We want to remind everyone about how extraordinary it is!”