Avanti House Primary celebrated its third Spectacular A Factor evening on Friday 24th of January 2020. Children from all year groups came together to showcase a variety of talent in dance, song, musical instruments, comedy and many more! Two-hundred parents and visitors attended this impressive event and cheered loudly throughout the evening. The incredibly lively audience showered each act with support and appreciation, boosting children’s confidence like never before! Our judges had a very difficult task of deciding which acts should go be chosen as the finalists. The standard was astoundingly high across EYFS and both Key Stages, making it impossible to predict a winner. After much deliberation, the judges finally made their decision: Rohan (6 CC), Parshva (Year 2 FF) and Bhavik (Year 1 TT). Congratulations to them!

All pupils who took part and spent many weeks rehearsing should feel incredibly proud of themselves for having the courage and determination to perform in front of a large audience. This is a huge achievement, whether they walked away with a trophy or not, and they should be encouraged to continue in developing their talent.

We all wait in anticipation for what wonderful talent pupils at Avanti House Primary will bring to the next A Factor!