Why are we here?

Avanti House Primary strives to support individual pupils to become a well-rounded global citizen. Through intellectual, moral and spiritual growth, and so make the world a better place. We will achieve this by providing a stimulating and exciting curriculum, designed to offer real life and purposeful experiences, which are both inclusive and challenging. This is our school vision; it appears on our school website and in many other documentations but how many of us are aware of the vision and what we are working to achieve. We are in an amazing position right now where we have learned from our lockdown experiences and where we grasped the opportunities that we were faced with. As a school we have embarked on a journey of developing character education across our school. Over the next few weeks, staff will receive a series of training sessions so that we all understand the schools’ approach, a holistic approach, which identifies how all aspects of schooling can have an effect on the development of pupil’s character.

Since the school’s ethos is the expression of everyone’s collective character, it is important for every member of our school community to have a basic understanding to what character is? We believe that character education is the responsibility of all adults who have contact with children and young people, we are the role models that have the ability to shape young minds. In schools’ virtues can be caught through the culture, the ethos and positive examples of school staff. Virtues can also be taught through the curriculum and through carefully planned educational experiences that equip children with the language, knowledge and understanding, skills and attributes that enable character development, however this does not stop and start at school, this development continues when children are at home and in various social circumstances.

The schedule below illustrates a series of workshops that have been planned by parents in partnership with staff members.