Last Wednesday we were delighted to welcome our new Year 7’s into our Avanti House Family. Arriving at 9am the students had an action packed day and had a taster of what they can expect in September. The students firstly gathered in the hall and were warmly welcomed by Mr Arnell as well as their new Head of Year Mr Hannon as well as their Senior Executive link Mr Moynihan (Assistant Principal). From then onwards the students experienced lessons in a variety of subjects ranging from Mathematics to Sanskrit, from Art to Science and English to PRE (Philosophy, Religion and Ethics). The lessons were engaging and incorporated a wide range of disciplines as well as a real link to our school’s ethos. In Art the students produced beautiful ink drawings linked to empathy, in mathematics the students were encouraged to use their investigative skills. All students thoroughly enjoyed their day and we look forward to welcoming them to the Avanti family in September.