We have now completed all of our Primary school Art workshops. I would like to say a special thank you to my amazing year 12 A Level Art students in completing a successful number of art workshops across two local Primary schools. Both Stanburn and Whitchurch Primary staff commented on your professionalism and enthusiasm whilst delivering these valued art workshops to their students. I myself felt extremely proud of all of you and am delighted to be sharing both my knowledge and passion of my subject with such personable and charismatic individuals. You have all grown in your confidence and creative abilities which I am excited to see develop into something even more special than it already is. Keep doing what you are doing and continue to make your friends, families and school proud but most importantly, be proud of yourselves in all you have already achieved through these art sessions.

Ms Devalia

Head of Art and Design

Student’s thoughts of the workshops

Visvapriya Desai – Year 12 A Level Art and Design

Doing art workshops at Stanburn primary was a truly enjoyable experience and the best thing was remembering the life of an infant. It is such a critical age in life. To see young children so eager to engage in artistic activities reminded me that all people are artists at heart, since all of us have something important to convey. Finally the workshops gave me a chance to boost my confidence and improve leadership skills, having lead the students through the workshops smoothly.

Rushad Kolah – Year 12 A level Art and Design

Working in a primary school has shown us the life of a primary school teacher and has taught us how to interact with a younger audience and how to make what we are talking about understandable and simple. We also tested our confidence when delivering a power point to an unfamiliar audience in a new environment.

Shanai Patel – Year 12 A level Art and Design

Within the last couple of weeks working in primary schools the most valuable thing I’ve taken away is developing stronger communication and teaching skills. I liked how I was the one who was able to teach the younger children because it gave me an insight of what teaching is like. I’m happy that we’ve done art workshops and glad that I was able to teach the year 1s that art isn’t just about drawing and painting and that there is a deeper meaning behind it such as how emotions are shown through art.

Shivali Mahtani – Year 12 A level Art and Design

When you teach a veritable art skill to children who have never really looked past the boundaries of crayons, paint and pencils in art it really makes me proud to help broaden their ideas on art, something I personally didn’t imagine or realise existed until I was taught the same skills at school. Working along with my fellow art classmates in this project has made me more confident in speaking with younger children as well as the adults we’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Drushti Bhanderi – Year 12 – Art and design

Doing workshops at the 2 primary schools has allowed me to increase my confidence in working with other people. It makes me proud that the children can express their imaginative side in their artwork, and we can see that they are all talented in their own unique way which makes the whole experience inspiring for them. This experience has taught me that anyone, any age can be an artist.

Simran Parekh – Year 12 A Level Art and Design

Working at the primary schools have given me a really good insight with working with children. Teaching art to little kids has been very fun, as being passionate about the subject and working with kids who love it has made the experience worth it. I loved

sharing my skills and knowledge with the year ones and watching them grow in confidence within the subject. I have found this whole experience to be very eye opening at the talent some kids have, and overall I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Message from Stanburn Primary School

Dear Ms Devalia and A Level Art students,

A huge thank you again to you and your students for their fantastic art workshop. It was lovely for our Year 1 children to have such super activities delivered in an imaginative way. The Avanti House students had clearly thought about their project and were well prepared. They spoke with enthusiasm in their presentation and encouraged our children to think about Kandinsky’s artwork before engaging in shape activities to gain hands on experience. It was super to have our younger Stanburn Pupils collaborate with the older Avanti House Students and a brilliant learning experience for both.

We look forward to collaborating again with you soon.

Many thanks

Ms S Syed

Year 1 Co-ordinator