Govinda’s on behalf of Avanti House Secondary School has been successful in an application for a Tesco Community Grant for a School and Local Community Allotment Project but we need your vote. The project with the highest number of votes across the region will receive £1,500, the second placed project £1,000, and the third placed project £500.

The aim of the project is to introduce the school children to the concept of edible gardening. We would like to teach the children how to germinate, sprout, sow seeds, grow vegetables; harvest and collect seeds. We want to create an allotment patch for planting an assortment of vegetables and herbs.

Vegetarianism is an integral part of the Avanti Ethos, as is living in harmony with the world around us. To that end, teaching the students about where vegetables come from and how to grow them is really important. We would also like to see the children’s attitudes towards food, particularly vegetables, change. Understanding the work that goes into growing and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it may encourage them to increase their own vegetable intake and may make them more inclined to eat vegetables than they previously do.

As well as that helping them to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility through their involvement with the garden will contribute to their long-term sense of fulfilment and success.
We intend for the children to be involved in every stage besides from the build of the raised beds. We intend to include all year groups and classes in different capacities. Children will also take part in the maintenance of the garden as well as partaking in cooking classes. For students who have a keen interest there will also be a gardening club. The ongoing costs of the garden will be funded by the sale of the vegetables to parents as well as fundraisers in which will be hosted around the vegetable garden in the summer months.

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within designated Tesco stores within the area. The purchase can be of any value and you will receive one token per transaction.

Stores which will vote on your project-

2627 Harrow Express HA2 9DL Express
2628 Harrow 2 HA1 2TU Superstore
2637 Harrow Kentn Lane Exp HA3 8RQ Express
3030 Pinner HA5 2AG Superstore
3098 Rayners Ln Harrow Exp HA2 9UE Express
4405 Harrow College Rd Exp HA1 1FD Express
4457 Canons Pk 16-18 St HA8 6RW Express
4824 Northwood Exp HA6 2XY Express
4854 Pinner Exp HA5 5PJ Express
5288 Stanmore Middlesx Exp HA7 1JN Express
5357 Hatch End Express HA5 4JN Express
5922 Harrow Pinner Rd Exp HA2 6EH Express
5935 Eastcote Exp HA5 1QL Express
6023 Harrow Shaftsbry Exp HA2 0AT Express
6144 Harrow Apollo Exp HA1 4HF Express
6581 Harrow Grnhill Wy Exp HA1 2EA Express
6617 Edgware Mollisnwy Exp HA8 5QH Express

To check the location of any of the above stores, please go to the Tesco Website:

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.

Additional information

Please note the below advice in terms of do’s and don’ts before and during the voting period:


– Cast your vote as soon as you receive your token for a project in the current voting round
– Only submit Community Grants tokens to cast your vote
– Maximise promotion of your project during the voting period by making best use of press and social media guidance
– Encourage the local community and your supporters to get involved with Community Grants voting


– Tamper with the voting unit (otherwise your project may be void from the vote) – Influence customers casting their vote at the voting unit
– Take more than one token from the self-serve checkouts
– Encourage supporters to hoard then submit multiple tokens in the voting unit

– Promote your project in store without permission from the Store Manager
– Collect Community Grants tokens from stores that are not within your region to vote for your project

Please note, if you do not adhere to this guidance, this may affect your grant award.

If all students, staff, parents and wider community of Avanti House Secondary School could please actively participate in the voting process

Thank You