At Avanti House Secondary, we want pupils’ experiences of education to be enjoyable and engaging. We expect all members of the school community, parents, families and staff, to work collaboratively with high aspirations and expectations of everyone, consistent with our values and ethos.

Our broad and balanced curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is enriched with educational visits, yoga, meditation, a unique philosophy and ethics course and Sanskrit. Not only does the curriculum challenge all children, it intends to provide memorable and meaningful experiences realised be well planned, differentiated and creative planning and high quality first teaching.

Teaching encourages pupils to ask questions and talk intelligently about their learning and progress. Throughout their learning journey, pupils will develop a love of reading through an effective balance of synthetic phonics, drama, speaking and listening, guided reading and story-telling. In Maths, we plan for meaningful mathematic activities with firm foundations in mathematical facts, calculation and problem solving. Our curriculum is strongly aligned with our vision and three pillars: Educational Excellence, Character Formation and Spiritual Insight.

Supporting equality in our curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for all pupils, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. We actively promote a harmonious environment across the school to enable all pupils to achieve the highest standards in their learning and make good progress. We are committed to closing gaps in progress and attainment for all learners.

Our Inclusion department work closely with our pastoral leads and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning and participation. Our approach to teaching and learning ensures we meet a diversity of needs to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity.