English Literature

GCSE English Literature
In studying the chosen set texts (poetry, Macbeth, A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls), students will have an opportunity to develop the following skills:

  • Literal and inferential comprehension: understanding a word, phrase or sentence in context; exploring aspects of plot, characterisation, events and settings; distinguishing between what is stated explicitly and what is implied; explaining motivation, sequence of events, and the relationship between actions or events
  • Critical reading: identifying the theme and distinguishing between themes; supporting a point of view by referring to evidence in the text; recognising the possibility of and evaluating different responses to a text; using understanding of writers’ social, historical and cultural contexts to inform evaluation; making an informed personal response that derives from analysis and evaluation of the text
  • Evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, grammatical and structural features: analysing and evaluating how language, structure, form and presentation contribute to quality and impact; using linguistic and literary terminology for such evaluation
  • Comparing texts: comparing and contrasting texts studied, referring where relevant to theme, characterisation, context (where known), style and literary quality; comparing two texts critically with respect to the above Writing • Producing clear and coherent text: writing effectively about literature for a range of purposes such as: to describe, explain, summarise, argue, analyse and evaluate; discussing and maintaining a point of view; selecting and emphasising key points; using relevant quotation and using detailed textual references

• Accurate Standard English: accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Unit 1: 40% Unit 2: 60%
Paper 1:

‘Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel’

Section A: Macbeth, Section B: A Christmas Carol

Paper 2:

‘Modern Texts and Poetry’

Section A: An Inspector Calls, Section B: Poetry anthology, Section C: Unseen Poetry

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