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Programme of study – Dance

Dance is a fun and physical subject. Dance at key stage 3 forms a strong technical and choreographic foundation. Students study safe dance practice through a range of dance styles which they apply to their own development as a dancer. In addition, they will also learn how to choreograph to a given stimulus all in preparation for GCSE Dance.

Alongside literacy and numeracy, another skill needed in our workforce today is creativity. Cultural education subjects help young people to unlock their innate creativity, enabling them to become more rounded and confident human beings.” Arts Council England.


– GCSE Dance Club
– KS3 club TBH

– Visits to performance

Performance Opportunities:
– Winter Showcase – December
– Summer Showcase – July

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Miss K Cheng

Year 7

Rotation Safe Dance Practice
Rotation Musical Theatre
Rotation Dance Fusion

Year 8

Rotation Take a Chance
Rotation Group Choreography

Year 9

Rotation Spiderman
Rotation Contemporary Dance – GCSE Taster