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Programme of Study – History

History at Avanti aims to encourage our children to think about the world they live in. Tackling the ‘big’ questions relating to society, religion, politics and ethics. There is also a big push on the skills that the children learn which will prepare them in the short term for their onward KS4 courses in Humanities and also in the long term for life long skills valued in education and employment. Examples of which are the evaluation of sources and secondary interpretations, constructing arguments and showing debate in essays with evaluative and analytical comments.


– In the summer term we will run the History Project competition.
– Guest speakers are welcomed in – examples this year have been speakers who have survived the Holocaust
– History will hold events and celebrations to mark significant events of national interest, such as; Black History Month, Remembrance Services, Holocaust Memorial and International Women’s day to name a few

Recommended Reading

– BBC Bitesize KS3
– Kerboodle KS3 History section


Mr V Vadher
Mr R Scullion
Ms R Halak
Mr C Weyers
Ms E Andrews

Year 7

Autumn 1 Saxons
Autumn 2 Normans
Spring 1 Castles/Black Death
Spring 2 Tudors
Summer 1 English Civil War
Summer 2 History Project

Year 8

Autumn 1 Slavery
Autumn 2 French Revolution
Spring 1 Industrial Revolution
Spring 2 British Empire
Summer 1 Liberal Reforms
Summer 2 History Project

Year 9

Autumn 1 WW1
Autumn 2 Germany & WW2
Spring 1 Cold War
Spring 2 Britain in the 1960s
Summer 1 Civil Rights USA
Summer 2 History Project