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Programme of Study – MFL

The MFL KS3 course enables you to progress from very little knowledge in French and Spanish, to reaching a good level of confidence by Year 9 so that you are ready to take a GCSE Language course. All 4 skills are covered and topics such as family, friends, school and holidays are covered.
Studying a language at KS3 and then continuing to GCSE allows you to understand other subjects such as English grammar and literature; it also opens up your opportunities for future career prospects.
Academically a language GCSE enables you to gain the English Baccalaureate Certificate and have a competitive advantage when applying to prestigious universities. Personally, it broadens your opportunities to communicate with people from different countries and discover other cultures.


The MFL department runs regular lunchtime and after school clubs.
The aim of these clubs is to help students gain more confidence and achieve their best possible grade but there are also extension clubs for students who would like to push themselves further and achieve more cultural knowledge and higher grades in their GCSE exams.
The MFL Department has organized 2 successful trips to Barcelona in the past and is looking into offering a cultural exchange trip to Salamanca in the future.
MFL also celebrates European Languages Day with Flamenco dancers and guest speakers and runs regular quizzes, awards and competitions. Our students also receive certificates for their Nutty Tellez national competitions every year!


Mrs N Sadhwani
Ms M Carbajo
Ms C Parker
Mr J Perez

Year 7

Autumn 1 Introducing yourself and basics
Autumn 2 My family
Spring 1 My free time
Spring 2 My school
Summer 1 My house
Summer 2 My town

Year 8

Autumn 1 My friends
Autumn 2 Places in a town and making plans for going out (future tense)
Spring 1 Trips and holidays
Spring 2 Food
Summer 1 Fashion and clothes
Summer 2 My town

Year 9

Autumn 1 Media and culture
Autumn 2 School and Education
Spring 1 Health and Wellbeing
Spring 2 Work and future plans
Summer 1 Culture and the environment
Summer 2 Holidays