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Programme of Study – Music

Music is an exciting and rewarding subject. It brings together intellect and feeling and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development. Students have the opportunity to perform, as well as create their own work using a wide range of instruments and technologies. Through key stage 3 students explore a variety of topics, from Film Music to African Drumming and Dance Music to Minimalism.  In each topic students will be assessed on their performance, composition and appraising skills. Music is a subject which requires perseverance and dedication, and this is a reason it is a subject so highly valued in the academic world.


– Choir / Rock Band / Keyboard Club / Samba Club

– Termly visits to performances (musical theatre/concerts)

Performance Opportunities:
– Winter Showcase – December
– Summer Showcase – July
– Series of lunchtime concerts during the year


Mr M Dominé
Mr Sehra

Year 7

Rotation 1 Elements of Music & Cartoon Music
Rotation 1 Samba
Rotation 1 Keyboard Skills
Rotation 2 Instruments of the Orchestra
Rotation 2 Man in the Mirror
Rotation 2 Ukulele

Year 8

Rotation 1 The Blues
Rotation 1 Film Music
Rotation 1 Ensemble Singing
Rotation 2 African Drumming
Rotation 2 Song writing
Rotation 2 Keyboard Skills

Year 9

Rotation 1 Fusion
Rotation 1 Rap & Hip Hop
Rotation 1 Composition Project
Rotation 2 Minimalism
Rotation 2 Keyboard Skills
Rotation 2 TV Adverts