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Programme of Study – Sanskrit

Sanskrit is taught as an ancient language i.e. with the purpose of learning grammar and translating texts from the Ancient indian library. Texts include Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana. Pupils will develop skills in grammatically analysing texts which in turn helps to improve the generic grammar skills across the Indo-European language tree. Pupils have the opportunity to study Sanskrit at IGCSE level and even further at A level.

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Recommended Reading

– Mahabharata series by Warwick Jessop
– Bhagavad Gita
– Ramayana


Mr J Laxhman
Ms K Bhandari

Year 7

Autumn 1 Devanagari letters
Autumn 2 Consonant and Vowel combinations
Spring 1 Simple sentences
Spring 2 Nominative and Accusative cases
Summer 1 Instrumental case
Summer 2 Dative case

Year 8

Autumn 1 Revise masculine cases
Autumn 2 Feminine cases
Spring 1 Neuter cases
Spring 2 Present tense verbs
Summer 1 Past tense verbs
Summer 2 Future tense verbs

Year 9

Autumn 1 Nouns in all cases and genders and verbs in all tenses
Autumn 2 Mahabharata Story 1 and Complimentary sentences
Spring 1 Mahabharata Story 2 Declension of i/u-stem nouns
Spring 2 Declension of articles and Mahabharata Story 3
Summer 1 Interrogative pronouns and Mahabharata Story 4
Summer 2 Vedic Maths
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