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Design Technology

Programme of Study – Design Technology

Design and Technology gives you the opportunity to functionally use the skills you learn in other subjects, such as Maths and Science. During KS3 you will gain the knowledge of a range of materials, alongside projects where you will develop your practical skills using a range of equipment. You will look at products and materials from an environmental perspective in order to design for the future and become a conscientious consumer.


Year 8: Thorpe Park Trip
Year 9: Zoo Trip

Recommended Reading

Year 7

Autumn Graphics: Charity boxes
Material bases: Paper
Spring CAD/CAM: Photo frame
Material bases: Wood
Summer Electronics: Torch
Material bases: Metals & Plastic

Year 8

Autumn Graphics: Food Packaging
Material bases: Paper
Spring Modelling: Theme Park Ride
Material bases: Wood & Plastic
Summer CAD/CAM: Merchandise
Materials bases: Textiles

Year 9

Autumn Graphics: Encouraging Recycling
Materials bases: Paper
Spring Mechanisms: Pull along children’s toy
Material bases: Wood
Summer Electronics: Portable Speaker (Designer Movements)
Material bases: Metals & Wood & Plastics