Uniform and achievement have always been a high priority at Avanti House School; we believe the way in which students wear their school uniform reflects the importance which is placed on attention to detail and pride in the school. The smart appearance of our students is regularly commented on by parents of prospective students and visitors to the school.

Set out below is a summary of the Avanti House School uniform specification. The school’s approved uniform suppliers are Brigade Clothing.


All students, including girls, will be expected to wear a tie. These should be worn with a traditional knot, large knots or short ties are not acceptable.


A white school shirt must be worn with a top button which fastens at the neck. The shirt should be long enough to be tucked in and the top button must be fastened at all times. Blouse style shirts with rounded collars are not allowed. If students wish to wear a vest, then these also have to be plain white with no logo and are the same sleeve length as the shirt or shorter.


Girls may wear a grey skirt, which has two inverted kick pleats and no splits. It is important to ensure that the skirt is knee-length and not made of stretchy material. Students will be asked to replace skirts which no longer comply with the length requirements.


Trousers must be grey (not black or charcoal) and of a classic wider style: straight, with no visible zips, studs or buckles and which do not fit closely on any part of the leg.

Blazers and Jumpers

Blazers and jumpers must have the school’s logo and can only be bought from the approved school outfitters. Logos are not sold separately. Blazers are a compulsory part of the school uniform.


Only V neck jumpers with the AHS logo are allowed. As an alternative, a white top may be worn under the shirt – no visibly coloured clothing should show through. Jumpers will not be permitted to be worn independently of the blazer. The only item which should be worn between the blazer and shirt is the school jumper.


Shoes should be of plain black leather or leather-type, with plain black soles and black laces. Black suede, fabric or canvas type shoes, boots or trainer type shoes are not permitted. Shoes need to be comfortable enough to walk to school in and suitable to wear in wet weather. In winter, students may walk to school in boots, but these should be changed upon arrival at school.

Socks and Tights

Socks should be plain black; tights should be plain black.

PE Kit


Avanti School PE shorts

Avanti School PE polo shirt

White ankle length socks

Avanti School rugby Shirt

Avanti School tracksuit bottoms (optional)

Avanti School football socks

Avanti School sweatshirt

Sports trainers (not plimsoles)

Football boots

Plain thermal base layer (for winter, optional)

Gumshield (buy from PE department)

Shinpads (optional)

Sweatbands (to cover any religious bracelets, bands that cannot be removed)

Appropriate blue or black waterproof


Avanti PE skirt

Avanti PE polo shirt

White ankle length socks

Sports trainers (not plimsoles)

Avanti School Sweatshirt

Hair ties where required

Sweatbands (to cover any religious bracelets, bands that cannot be removed)

Football Boots

Appropriate blue or black waterproof.


Only one small, plain silver or gold-coloured stud in the bottom of each ear lobe is permitted. If your child is thinking of having a piercing elsewhere in the ear during the holidays, please remember that these take longer to heal and seem to cause more problems due to infection than those in the bottom of the ear lobes.

It is strongly advised that students do not have these piercings during term time or the shorter holidays as they will not heal before the student returns to school. Students will be asked to remove any extra studs, without exception or excuse. Other facial piercings, including tongue piercings, are not permitted.


Only religious bracelets and/or necklaces will be allowed and with the exception of a pair of earrings no other jewellery will be permitted (including cotton ‘friendship bracelets’ or elastic ‘loom’ bracelets/necklaces). Religious necklaces should be worn inside the shirt for safety reasons.


Make-up, including tinted moisturiser or concealer, is not allowed, this will be strictly enforced.

False Nails

Excessively long nails are not suitable for school as they have been known to cause injuries to the student, if they become caught or bent backwards during sporting activities. Only natural looking non-coloured false nails are permitted.


Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. Unnatural hair colours are not permitted. Borders and patterns, including a shaved parting, must not be shaved into the hair or eyebrows.


Hoodies are not allowed to be worn in, or on the way to, school and will be confiscated.

How to purchase

Brigade School Uniform

The Avanti House uniform has been chosen to be practical, easy to wash and cotton rich. The full uniform is available from Brigade Clothing via their online service called PARENTS DIRECT.

All orders will be sent directly to you. There is a £3.50 postage and packaging charge on orders below £50. Parents are advised to order early to avoid any delays in receiving items as we expect students to be in possession of all of the items above at the beginning of term.