Sixth Form

At Akademeia, the site of Plato’s school in Athens (5th Century BC), many philosophers discussed the purpose of life, mathematical theorems, astrology, the philosophy of true love and much more. It is due to this location, today, we have the term academic – relating to education and scholarship (per Oxford Dictionary).

At Avanti House Sixth Form, we take pride in honouring Plato’s ideas on education, excelling our pupils and preparing them for the wider world. This involves assisting pupils in learning the subjects in detail and pushing them into their zone of proximal development with respects to the educational and personal objectives as a prospective well-mannered member of society.

How fine it would be, Agathon, if wisdom were a sort of thing that could flow out of the one of us who is fuller into him who is emptier, by our mere contact with each other, as water will flow through wool from the fuller cup into the emptier.’ 175 Phaedo

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Avanti House Sixth Form meets the study requirements for all of our students. We offer a broad range of A-level and Level 3 qualifications. Please click on the link above for our sixth form prospectus for 2023 which includes further details on all of the subjects we offer and an overview of our sixth form.

We only offer places to students that achieve an average GCSE score of more than 5.5 and meet the specific entry criteria for their chosen subjects.

Students within our sixth form have access to a large range of enrichment activities, including careers guidance, work experience and extra-curricular activities. Further details can be found within our prospectus.