School start: 8.30am – School end: 3.15pm


The school gates will open at 8.10am. Children should arrive between 8.15 and 8.25; they should enter the building via the hall doors. Late children should enter the school via the school office with their parent (after 8.30am)


The school gates will open at 3.10pm. Children should be collected at 3.15pm.

Please contact the school at your earliest convenience if you are delayed. If you are late, your child should be collected from the school office. Late collections are monitored and if persistent a telephone or face-to-face meeting with the Head of School will be arranged.

A Typical School Day


0830–0845 School starts; children enter building and self-register and fine motor skills activity
0845–0900 Carpet session: Class story with discussion, role play etc
0900–0930 Focused sessions Literacy or Maths (these are linked with the carpet sessions)
0930-10.10 Learning Carousel: Children learning through play. Teachers work with groups to extend their learning and understanding. Indoor and outdoor free-flow
1010-10.30 Phonics
1030–11.55 Learning Carousel and Preparation foR lunch time
1155–12.55 Lunch time. Children then play with Year 1 and Year 2 children in the big playground. There are lots of games for children to be engaged with.
1300–1320 Carpet session: Maths
1320–1345 Focused sessions Literacy or Maths (these are linked with the carpet sessions)
1345–14.30 Learning Carousel
1515 Home Time

Year 1 – 6

Morning Guided Reading; ; English; Maths; Phonics; Collective Worship/Class assembly
1200–1250 Lunch
Afternoon Creative Learning; Humanities; Science; Arts; Music; Physical Education
1515 Home Time

Picking children up at the end of the day

We ask that you pick your children up promptly at the end of the day so that teachers are able to continue with their marking, preparation and assessment.

If you are unable to pick your child up, please always contact the office giving us information about the person who will pick them up. Our process is as follows:

Regular Pick up
If another person is going to regularly pick up a child, the parents should notify the school office who will add this to their file and notify the class teacher. Parents can also tell their child’s class teacher who will then notify the admin staff. For example, child minders are introduced to us by children’s parents so we know that we can release to them.

Infrequent/ one-off
If another person is going to pick up their child on a one off or infrequent occasion, we ask that the parent call the office to inform the school. Where a password system is shared. On another one-off occasion, we follow the same process with new password etc. We treat each as a separate ‘giving of permission’.