February 2021 Edition

By Mike Ion

AST Education Director


Love to Teach – Chartered Teacher Programme

What is the CTP?

The Chartered Teacher Programme offers teachers and middle leaders a chance to be recognised for evidence-informed, high-quality teaching practice with Chartered Teacher Status. It is an online course comprising of virtual workshops, engagement with research and evidence-informed practice, guidance from experienced mentors, challenge and input from research experts and more.

How is it structured?

There are three phases to the Chartered Teacher Programme. Each phase begins with an online event with input from speakers and ongoing opportunities for collaboration and structured reflections. In Phase one, participants focus on their own professional development as they develop a plan that will support their learning throughout the programme. Next in Phase two, the focus is on the professional practice expected of a Chartered Teacher. Finally, in Phase three, participants build upon their work to undertake a small-scale research-based improvement project.

How much time does it require?

The Chartered Teacher Programme spans over 15 months. The assignments and tasks are carefully spaced-out to minimise time pressures and allow participants to manage their time effectively.

What topics are AST colleagues looking into?

There are currently 8 AST colleagues who are undertaking the Chartered Teacher Programme and the range of topics being studied could not be any broader. Some of the topics are:

  • The impact of collaborative teaching and learning approaches for children with SEND
  • Does the teaching of explicit oracy lessons improve the standard of writing?
  • Does gender influence collaborative learning?

Would you recommend others taking part in the future?

Undertaking the Chartered Teacher Programme is extremely challenging but simultaneously most rewarding. It stretches participants to delve into research, evidence informed practice and pedagogy; and most importantly to reflect upon their own practice. We feel that this is, beyond any doubt, the next step for any teacher or middle leader who is committed to continual professional growth and development and has the passion and resilience to make a marked difference in their practice. We would recommend the Chartered Teacher Programme to our colleagues because it has given us an opportunity to continually challenge our practice and ensure that we make continuous changes centered on evidence-based practice and pedagogy.