Thank you all for your feedback over the last few months. Your input is important to us. We have now moved to CPD Monday events twice a term. Occasionally there are CPD webinars provided that you may like to attend. Please do feel free to register for these events. 

If you have any questions, feedback, or thoughts – please email Rebecca at [email protected]

Upcoming events for
Avanti School Trust staff

Student Revision

The next session is on Monday 13th June - 18.30 - 19.15 - Supporting Secondary Pupils with Revision and Wellbeing - Trains of Thought - Jitendra Jani...     Look at the Avanti Institute newsletter for more details and latest recording links...

Supporting Secondary Pupils with Revision and Wellbeing
Ideas for Teaching Staff and Parents

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Do email [email protected] with any questions.

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Access to the PowerPoint Slides – Session 2 Dinner Mat Learning
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Cognition, Precision, Development

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Trains of Thought – Ideas on how to help prioritise workload and deadlines


Self-Reported Grades – An exposure of Hattie’s most impactful finding from his meta-analysis


SSC and Trustees Training – Session 1

The next session is on Tuesday 14th June - 19.00 - 20.15 - Working with School Leaders with Kekshan Salaria...     Look at the Avanti Institute newsletter for more details and latest recording links...

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Access Recording of session 1: Roles and Responsibilities
Access to the PowerPoint Slides
McKinsey Report
Recording of Understanding Primary Data
Access to the PowerPoint Slides: Primary Data
Recording of Understanding Secondary Data
Access to the PowerPoint Slides: Secondary Data

Other Avanti Institute events

TA Steering Group

“Teaching assistants play a critical role as they are pivotal in building happy and purposeful relationships with pupils, parents, teachers, and other members of the school staff. They play essential roles in the team, contributing their skills in helping pupils grow, learn, and develop into productive members of the community.”

As you may have noticed in the recent Avanti Institute Newsletter, it is our aim to create a TA Steering group for the Avant Trust. As part of the Avanti Institute 22022, we have selected several colleagues randomly to be an integral part of this TA Steering group for this academic year.

With their support and valued input, we will evaluate, discuss, design and create effective and worthwhile CPD for TAs throughout the Trust.

Latest news: The Educational Endowment Foundation published the report, ​‘Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants.’ Drawing on a strong research base, this report set out to demonstrate that TAs can have a positive impact on pupil achievement – but that this could only happen if they were given the support, setting and tools through which to best make an impact. The EEF have recently updated their guidance which we hope to use as our starting point. Read it here: TA_Guidance_Report_MakingBestUseOfTeachingAssistants-Printable_2021-11-02-162019_wsqd.pdf (

Find out more here

Induction for new Avanti colleagues

The purpose of induction is to help new employees to feel welcomed and valued, while also paving the way for them to be a highly productive and positive asset to your trust. From this point forward, we hope to really focus on how we welcome new colleagues to the Avanti colleagues. Effective induction helps new employees have a clear understanding of how our organisation works, where it is now, aims and aspirations for the future and how each new recruit as an individual can contribute to making this vision become reality. We are currently focusing on CPD for all, welcome meetings for our ECTs and also question and answer sessions with our new Senior Leaders.

Early Career Teaching Conference 2022

Great schools cannot exist without great staff. At Avanti Schools Trust, we believe that the introduction of the Early Career Framework (ECF) represents a welcome step change in support for early career teachers (ECTs). It provides funded entitlement to a structured 2-year package of high-quality professional development, validated by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). These reforms are part of the Government’s wider teacher recruitment and retention strategy, which aim to improve the training and development opportunities available to teachers.

The first two years of teaching are not only very demanding but also of considerable significance in the professional development of a new teacher. Nationally, approximately 15% of new teachers leave the profession within their first year of teaching. We wish to recruit new teachers of the highest calibre to work with our children and young people and aim to move those teachers forward onto highly successful careers. We understand how important this support network is and want nothing more than to support our ECTs in creating a secure foundation upon which they might fulfil their professional responsibilities and on which they can build a successful teaching career.



Your development matters

The continuing development of the Avanti’s employees beyond their induction and initial training is an area of crucial importance for the MAT. The Avanti Institute for Professional Learning is part of an overall workforce development strategy that views CPD as an ongoing, planned learning and development process that contributes to work-based and personal development. The scope of the Avanti Institute covers all settings, institutions and teams and includes – but is more than – training, development and professional qualifications.

What are we trying to achieve?

The main strategic outcomes of the Avanti Institute for Professional Learning are to:

Contribute to improved outcomes for all learners;
Value all our staff by improving their competence, confidence and self-esteem;
Develop a qualified workforce;
Develop a learning culture across the MAT;
Contribute to improving recruitment and retention of staff;
Ensure that the MAT is compliant in regards to any statutory training requirements.