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Alistair Bryce-Clegg, inspiring educational EYFS consultant and advocate for play in KS1, states that “play is a self-initiated opportunity where children are motivated by engagement and curiosity to use every aspect of their creative and critical thinking brain to consolidate and rehearse what they already know whilst actively creating new knowledge.”

Children thrive when their needs are met across all domains including emotional, social, language and physical needs as well as throughout their own personal learning journeys.  It’s true that we have a destination and goal for these children to achieve the expectations of a broad and balanced Early Years curriculum by the end of the year. How we do this is so important.  If we get it right in the Early Years, we hope to encourage children to be curious,  to foster a love of learning and who genuinely love coming to school.
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EYFS Overall Statement – The Avanti Trust
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Our EYFS Moderation day this year is on Thursday June 9th at Krishna Avanti Primary School Harrow. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet with other EYFS teachers and co-teachers to discuss the progress and development of children within each setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my travel expenses be covered?

Yes! You can book your travel via your School Business Managers before the event.

Can I attend remotely?

As this is our first EYFS moderation, we want this to be an in person event.  We are really looking forward to this wonderful opportunity.

What do I need to bring with me?

You can bring your final data picture for your class along with a selection of work as evidence. This may be digital. You may also want to show your assessments via an online platform such as Tapestry.