SSC Members and Trustees

The AST Board of Directors has appointed School Stakeholder Committees for each Avanti school. SSCs provide perspectives from various stakeholder groups (staff, parents and the wider community) on the day to day functioning of the school in order to support the school’s work.

The SSC members work together to support the Principal and senior leadership team in achieving what is best for the pupils. Each member brings with them a depth of knowledge from their own professional and personal lives which is contributory to the growth of the school.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Trust Board

The Trust Board, working collectively to set the vision and values, ethos, and strategic direction of the MAT, whilst acknowledging the uniqueness of each Academy and the needs of the communities they serve. For more information, visit our Avanti Trust Trustee page here: Roles and Responsibilities – Trustees – Avanti Schools Trust

If you are interested in being part of the SSC at any of our schools please click here to learn more.

SSC & Trustees Upcoming Training Opportunities

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Recordings and Resources from previous sessions

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McKinsey Report
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Recording of Understanding Primary Data
Access to the PowerPoint Slides: Primary Data
Recording of Understanding Secondary Data
Access to the PowerPoint Slides: Secondary Data

A range of guidance and key information for stakeholders and trustees.

The Avanti Institute – Safeguarding Policy Briefing – 3rd February 2022
EYFS: Framework September 2021
Trust Policies
Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges
Educational Excellence – The Avanti Trust
Attendance guidance

Remote video CPD to empower school leaders, teachers, staff & governors

Certificate in the Role of a School Governor

Certificate in Understanding the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours to Deliver Effective Governance