“Learning is exceptional! We really like the one to one support you give to my daughter and you have noticed where she’s behind and you are working on it. The teachers are fantastic and we didn’t realise how amazing this school until we took my daughter out because the school was very far for us. We have realised that the quality of education matters over distance and we are making that sacrifice to travel because she is so happy here. We prayed that there would be a space for her and we are so grateful. 

 She’s excited to come to school. At the other school, she didn’t want to go to school because the other children would hurt her and this was so upsetting for us. We also couldn’t speak to the teachers there because we felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. But at Krishna Avanti we can talk about anything with the staff and they are open and supportive. Thank you Krishna Avanti we are so proud to have our daughter in this school!”