Frequently Asked Questions

  • The school opened its doors to pupils at the start of the 2016/17 academic year and has all year groups to Year 5 currently. As of September 2022, we will have a Year 6 class as well welcoming a new Reception class to the school.
  • The permanent site opened in September 2018 on Southbridge Place CR0 4HA. This was a £5 million project and state of the art Croydon school.  
  • The Avanti Schools Trust, a multi-academy Trust with many successful schools. You can find out more at 

Having seen existing Avanti schools, the local residents of Croydon campaigned and demonstrated support for a number of years to open a similar school in the area to benefit local children and the wider community. In one survey of 4000 residents (less than 11% of whom were Hindu) support for such a school was over 93%. Avanti Schools are the only providers of holistic, state-funded Hindu schools in the UK, you can learn more about our unique approach to education at

The name ‘Krishna-Avanti’ carries special significance to the Hindu community. Literally, the name means ‘Krishna’s Avanti’. Krishna is a name for God meaning ‘All Attractive’. Whilst Hindus believe in only one God, they also believe that God can take different forms and incarnations. During His presence on this planet, Krishna also went to school – in a place called Avanti. Hence with the name ‘Krishna-Avanti’, we hope to inspire a simultaneous attachment to both God and education, as taught by Krishna Himself. 

For 2016/17 the school has an admission number of 30 for entry in reception year. In subsequent academic years the admissions number will be 30. At full capacity there will be 240 pupils. Please see build-up of the school below.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Reception 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Year 1 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Year 2 30 30 30 30 30 30
Year 3 30 30 30 30 30
Year 4 30 30 30 30
Year 5 30 30 30
Year 6 30 30
TOTAL 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240

School Life

Our schools require that all pupils eat the freshly cooked, healthy school lunches (other than those with medical conditions which cannot be catered for). The schools do not allow packed lunches. We provide hot, varied, nutritionally balanced vegetarian food through our catering subsidiary Govindas Ltd. 

You can learn more about our uniform policy here : KAPSC School Uniform.

We start and finish earlier than most schools (8am – 2.25pm) for a number of reasons including avoiding local congestion.

Our current staggered start times which are under review;

KS1 & EYFS – 8am to 2.30pm

KS2 – 7.40am to 2.20pm


Yes. In addition to this, the school will teach yoga, Sanskrit and the Philosophy, Religion and Ethics curriculum (more information available here). 

Yes, Krishna Avanti will operate a withdrawal policy. (more information available here).

Mrs Bijal Pandya


The development of spiritual insight is at the heart of the curriculum and draws on the teachings of Krishna Chaitanya, which embrace a universal, inclusive approach to spirituality, aimed at rekindling a personal, loving and spontaneous relationship with the divine (Krishna). The curriculum offers opportunities to explore and compare the philosophies and traditions of different faiths. 

Yes, Krishna Avanti is a Hindu faith-designated school whose religious authority is iFoundation. 

No, our schools do not recruit staff on the basis of faith. We hold open recruitment to find the best individuals from any faith and none.


No, Krishna Avanti will not operate any faith criteria in its admissions. The admissions policy can be found here. 

All children that will be starting Reception year in 2017 (born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013) can apply via Croydon Council from September 2016. No SIF is required. 

Unfortunately, pupils already in primary education will be too old as the school will only open one year at a time. Please see build-up of the school below.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Reception 30 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
Year 1 30 60 60 60 60 60 60
Year 2 30 60 60 60 60 60
Year 3 30 60 60 60 60
Year 4 30 60 60 60
Year 5 30 60 60
Year 6 30 60
TOTAL 30 90 150 210 270 330 390 420

Yes, Krishna Avanti is a state-funded school and therefore there are no fees to pay.


Yes, information will be on our Facebook ‘liking’ our page at and signing up to our keep in touch page –