At Avanti schools we take part in daily acts of collective worship which, inclusive to all, will balance the major faith traditions with our distinctive ethos and understanding of spiritual worship.

As per Hindu tradition, worship is carried out in our temple space where beautiful deities of Sri Sri Krishna & Balaram have been invited to receive offerings of devotion.


Collective worship practices involve:

  • arati
  • singing
  • story-telling
  • drama
  • pupil presentations
  • talks from members of the community
  • prayer
  • silent reflections

Pupils often comment, that the morning collective worship practice calms them and increases their focus and concentration for the day. These times of collective worship give pupils an opportunity to prepare for the day ahead.

Collective worship sessions are led by elder students in the school, who by their own inspiration, lead and encourage younger members of the school.

Collective worship also includes special festival celebrations:

  • Diwali & Govardhan Puja
  • Christmas
  • Ramnavami
  • Easter
  • Gaura Purnima & Holi
  • Narasimha Chaturdasi
  • Ratha Yatra

These celebrations uplift the whole school with their colour, devotion and pleasing moods.

‘Devotional ceremonies are designed to bring our attention to the presence of God within and around us and to infuse us with that spirit. When properly understood and performed, such worship leaves deep, positive impressions within the mind. A well- designed ritual takes the practitioner’s body and mind through a series of steps that are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and spiritually purifying.’ – Radhanath Swami

Children can be withdrawn from these sessions although we strongly encourage everyone to be involved as they are vital learning opportunities to break down barriers between different faiths and belief systems. Please talk with the Headteacher should you wish to discuss this further.