Coffee Mornings

Welcome to the page with copies of some of the meetings held for parents. Here you will find copies of presentations such as:

  • Coffee Mornings
  • Workshops for Parents

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Please note that the slides may not explain what was discussed. Please come and ask any questions if you missed the meeting.

Workshop for Parents

We greatly value the input of our parents and other partners, as we provide learning opportunities for the children. School in the 2020s is quite different to what it was like when we, the adults, were children and the methods in lessons are also much improved.

Each year there will be a number of opportunities for you to engage in a discussion with your child’s class teacher – one of those such opportunities is the Workshop for Parents that we offer. The workshop is a great opportunity for us to share and show how we teach, for example, mathematics. It is a chance for you to ask questions about areas that seem different to you may have been taught, so you understand and we can work together for your children.

A week or two before the workshop for your child’s class, you will receive a letter inviting you. Please complete the form below to let the teacher know what questions you have and what, time permitting, you would appreciate being covered. By knowing in advance, staff can better prepare and make the most of the time together.

Due to Covid19, the workshops will be via Zoom.

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