Foundation 2 to Key Stage One

At Krishna Avanti Primary School we aim for the children to write beautifully and effortlessly. It is extremely important that the children learn early on to hold their pencil and pen correctly.


The pencil should be held in the ‘tripod’ or ‘frogs’ grip between the thumb and the first two fingers. Regardless of whether children are left or right-handed, the grip is the same. Please help to reinforce this at home as it is very difficult to correct later on.


When learning to form the letters, it is important that the children form each letter the correct way. The letter c is introduced in the very early stages as this forms the basic shape of some other letters, such as d, g, o.


To help your child early on, ensure these few points are folowed:

  • the pencil stroke for o is anti-clockwise, not clockwise,
  • the pencil starts in the middle for d and the same anti-clockwise stroke as o, not the top,
  • there is an initial downstroke for m and n.


The images below hopefully helps with letter formation for new writers and the rhymes that staff will use in class.

Picture 1Foundation 2 to Key Stage One Letter Formation
Picture 1Foundation Stage/Key Stage One Letter Formation

Key Stage One to Key Stage Two 


As children master the basic formation (usually in Foundation 2 and Year 1), they will move onto learning joined-up (cursive) writing. This helps the fluency of writing and improves spelling – when words are written in one movement it is easier to remember the spelling correctly.


At Krishna Avanti Primary School this is taught with all letters (with the exception of o, r, w, w, x) starting and finishing on the line. Staff will also be modelling this style in their writing on boards and in books from now on. The image below will hopefully help.

Picture 1Letter Formation: Key Stage One to Key Stage Two