At Krishna Avanti Primary School our children are an important part of school development. Children  are given the opportunity to lead across five different areas to help develop the school, with their voice being heard and opinions and ideas forming the next steps.  Each of the five groups have three representatives that form the Young Leaders, enabling simple communication and collaboration across all pupil leadership groups.

The five groups are:

  1. School Council
  2. Eco-Group
  3. Media Team
  4. Rights Respecting School Warriors
  5. House Captains

Pupil Questionnaires

The views of the pupils of the school are very important. The following three Pupil Questionnaires will help us to improve the school, specific subjects and general ideas. Please make a difference and complete the various questionnaires when you want to.

Pupil Questionnaire
Faith Questionnaire

Feedback and ideas…

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I am pleased to be a Young Leader and member of the Media Team. I want to help make school great for everybody.

Anaya (Year 5)

Our children are capable of more than many realise and should be allowed to shape the school; it is their school after all, not mine.

Mr Kite, Principal

This school is amazing. I love it – mainly the maths and PE.

Priyanshi (Year 6), March, 2022

I have enjoyed being in this school. It’s my seventh year here – my last year. I would love it if a few people, even me sometimes could behave more often.

Krish (Year 6), March 2022

I would just like to say that I REALLY like the lunch and that’s all.

Kalindi (Year 4), March, 2020

The Teams

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