Krishna Avanti Primary School is able to provide learning opportunities for children that are physically absent from school. This may be due to national lockdowns, the need to self-isolate and/or any mild illness or injury that prevents physical access at school.

Every child has a Google account which we use for activities at school. This can be used anywhere with internet access. Your child just needs to log on as they would at school.

Google Classroom is a platform where your child can see assignments and tasks specific for their class, as well as collaborate friends from school. Please do take the opportunity to look at this with your child so that both you and your child is comfortable using it.


  1. On any computer connected to wifi, search Google.
  2. Child signs in using their school account (
  3. Click the ‘Classroom’ icon (in the top right hand menu – 3×3 dots/squares).

Google Classroom can be downloaded on most tablets/iPads/mobile devices.

<<<<<<<<< Click the button to the left to go to Google.

Useful Links

Reading Opportunities

Oxford Owl


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The Workbooks below have been very kindly gifted by TTS so that children at home for an extended period of time have some resource to continue learning at their own pace. These may be useful should you wish to complete any additional work or for whatever reason your access to Google Classroom has been disrupted.

We hope this is useful.