Trust Policies

These policies make up all of the Avanti Schools Trust’s (non-HR) statutory policies and other key Trust-wide policies.

The policies below apply to all schools that are part of the Avanti Schools Trust family.

Data Protection

Avanti Schools Trust understands their commitment under the new General Data Protection Regulations. In light of this we want to let you know about our updated Privacy Notices and Data Protection Policy as well as our continued commitment to maintaining the privacy of the members of the school community that we hold.

Please read through our Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy for more information, these explain how data is collected, used and managed as well as letting you know how you edit or amend your details.

Please Note:

The Learning Records Service (LRS) is operated by the ESFA. The LRS collects information about learners registering for relevant post-14 qualifications, for example:

  • GCSEs and A-Levels
  • Entry to Employment Certificates
  • Regulated Qualifications Frameworks
  • Welsh Baccalaureate and associated units

The LRS uses your information to:

  • issue you with a Unique Learner Number (ULN)
  • create your Personal Learning Record (PLR)

The ULN enables education and training sector organisations, and Awarding Organisations regulated by Ofqual in England, Qualifications in Wales (QiW) in Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland, to share information about participation and achievement in a consistent and approved manner, promoting good information management practice, and helping to improve accuracy and efficiency. It benefits you through enhancing the application processes to Awarding Organisations, learning providers, learning advisors and other third parties.

The PLR stores your education and training participation and achievement information collected directly from educational institutions and other bodies.

Company Information

Please see below for the Avanti Schools Trust Annual Report:


Please see below for incorporation documents and Master Funding Agreement:





Please see below for the Avanti Schools Trust Accountabilities Framework, May 2018

  Accountabilities Framework March 2020»

Please see below for the Avanti Schools Trust Governance Register and Information (last updated October 2019):




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Please see below for the Avanti Schools Trust Gender Pay Gap Report



The AST Board of Directors has appointed School Stakeholder Committees for each Avanti school. SSCs provide perspectives from various stakeholder groups (staff, parents and the wider community) on the day to day functioning of the school in order to support the school’s work.

The SSC members work together to support the Principal and senior leadership team in achieving what is best for the pupils.  Each member brings with them a depth of knowledge from their own professional and personal lives which is contributory to the growth of the school.

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Provide perspectives from various stakeholder groups (staff, parents and the wider community) on the day to day functioning of the school;
  • Contribute to the running of the school by participating in disciplinary, exclusions, complaints, admissions and appointments panels and other such forums that require representation of persons not employed at the school;
  • Be ambassadors of the school to promote partnerships with wider local communities to enrich the school’s offer to pupils, for example volunteering and mentoring programmes and employer engagement;
  • Support the regular fundraising efforts of the school, including the voluntary-contributions scheme.
  • Support the school in other ways as requested by the Principal on an ad-hoc basis.

 If you are interested in contributing to one of the Avanti schools SSCs and feel you will be a suitable candidate to join a team dedicated to supporting a local school, please click on the link below to complete the application form.

Please note, all Trust appointments are subject to approval by the AST Board of Directors.


Q.What is the process of selecting a candidate?
A. Applications will be submitted to the AST Board of Directors who will decide on whether the candidate is suitable for the position. It is likely that a member of the Executive team will contact candidates for a conversation about the application.

Q. What is the term of this post holder?
A. Once appointed, the term of office is 3 years.