Roles and Responsibilities of the Trust Board 

The Trust Board, working collectively:

  • Sets the vision and values, ethos, and strategic direction of the MAT, whilst acknowledging the uniqueness of each Academy and the needs of the communities they serve;
  • Through the Executive Team, oversees the effective management of the Academies;
  • Ensures accountability within the Trust and to external stakeholders;
  • Appoints the Chief Executive
  • Ensures the implementation of the Trust’s policies to ensure a consistently high standard of educational performance and financial management within the Trust;
  • Approves the Trust’s budget and ensures a thorough review of all budgets;
  • Determines the curriculum priorities for the Trust;
  • Develops and implements a risk management strategy;
  • Builds continuing capacity within the Trust, and makes major decisions about the Trust including its funding applications, capital initiatives and key contracts;
  • Has due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation, and advances equality of opportunity for all;
  • Ensures the reputation of the MAT is continually strengthened and is not compromised;
  • Ensures compliance with statutory and contractual requirements, specifically including education and employment legislation, charity and company law, the Academies Financial Handbook, the Trust’s Funding Agreement and the Trust’s Articles of Association;
  • Has regard to the needs for the Executive team, Principals and all employees to have a satisfactory work life balance, and provides support and challenge to help reduce unnecessary burdens.

Specific responsibilities and powers of the Board are delegated to committees (as defined in the Scheme of Delegation):

  • Learning, Teaching and Standards Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • People, Compliance and Governance Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • receives and comments upon termly reports from the Principal on educational standards within the school, and acts in partnership to support the raising of educational standards within the school;
  • contributes to the running of the school by participating in disciplinary, exclusions, complaints, admissions and appointments panels;
  • reviews the school’s budget on an annual basis.
  • adopts an ambassadorial role to promote partnerships with wider local communities to enrich the school’s offer to pupils;
  • supports the regular fund-raising activities of the school.

In some instances, when new schools join Avanti, the Board of Trustees will set up an interim local body, in the form of a Hub Board, which assumes the role and responsibilities of the SSC for a limited period. If you are interested in being part of the SSC at any of our schools please click here to learn more.