Websites for the busy Teacher

    May 2021 Edition

NRICH (primary and secondary maths teaching)

Supported by the University of Cambridge the NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.


Eton College (The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning,_

The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning, aims to put Eton College at the forefront of global teaching and learning developments.

Increased research into and understanding of neuroscience, new apps and changing technologies, and a desire to improve best teaching skills, are set to transform the way teachers teach and students learn in this country and around the world.



First established via Twitter, UKeDChat now publishes a magazine, a jobs-service and countless other services – too many to mention!


    March 2021 Edition

My Great Teacher

Vassiliki Plomaritou, puts her knowledge and expertise from two decades of teaching and counselling into a series of thought-provoking blogs designed to support teachers with their intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing


Bored Teachers

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from everything and just have a good laugh! Bored Teachers offers some of the best teacher blogs that highlight the highs, lows, and hilarities that come hand in hand with teaching and how to make the best of it all!


Special Needs Jungle

Tania Tirraoro and Renata Blower’s Special Needs Jungle shares information on special education alongside health conditions and disability issues. ‘Informing, educating and empowering’ its audience, the blog is updated with news that SENCos and parents need to be aware of, including recent reports of children with complex issues being told to stay away from school as others are encouraged to return. Support, listings, webinars and recommendations from the team are shared in the resources section



Tarjinder Gill has advice and support at the Teachwell blog. Tarjinder has taught undergraduates at Trinity College Dublin, spent over ten years working in inner-city primary schools in Birmingham, London, Leicester and Great Yarmouth, and is firmly on the side of those wanting to ‘resolve the actual problems in the education system and support appropriately, those who spend their time developing their children intellectually in all subjects’. Some of the subjects recently covered by this blog include reading comprehension and the importance of political neutrality in the classroom.


    February 2021 Edition

Teacher Tapp

Teacher Tapp is a phone/tablet app that allows teachers to share thoughts and opinions by answering three short multiple choice questions sent to their phone at 3:30 pm each day. Thousands of teachers complete the survey each day and are helping to build a picture of what it’s really like in schools so things can be changed for the better. The app is a free and easy CPD resource that can improve your teaching. You can also see what thousands of your teacher colleagues across the country are thinking about the most important education issues of the day.


The Confident Teacher

The Confident Teacher is a blog by teacher and author, Alex Quigley who after fifteen years in the classroom now supports the cause of education from the other side the school gates. For most of the week he works for the EEF, as National Content Manager, supporting teachers and school leaders to access research evidence.


Teacher Toolkit

Full of ideas and resources with the aim of making complex, classroom theory as practical and as accessible as possible for time-poor teachers


Improving Teaching

Blog by former history teacher Harry Fletcher-Wood. Harry now works at Ambition Institute where is the lead for their Teacher Educator Fellows programme.  He is also studying for a PhD in Public Policy at King’s College London.