Work experience

Year 10 students undertake a 5-day work experience placement in May, the last week of the Spring term. This will give them an insight into the ‘world of work’ and they get the opportunity to engage with employers and employees at a place of work. The aim of placement is for students to gain practical experience and develop key employability skills, such as problem solving, communication and teamwork that future recruiters look for. We ensure students complete activities in preparation including CV writing, careers lessons on employability during PSHE lessons and 1:1 interview with employers prior to their work experience placements.

My Work Experience- Avanti Students accounts May 2019

My work experience was placed in an energetic primary school where I worked with young children, this experience was extremely eye-opening and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can now say my communication and problem-solving skills have enhanced and has given me an insight into daily work life. Not only that, but it has broadened my career path choices and I look forward to future opportunities.

Suvetha 10.1

I did my work experience at a nursery in Roe Green, it was one of the best weeks ever. The tasks I had to do were setting up games and activities. I also had to sweep the floor and help feed the children. From my experience, some skills I learnt were patience, self-discipline, organisation and how to treat children fairly. Also, I learnt how to professionally talk to co-workers at my lunch hour and bring up appropriate topics. A typical day started was signing in and greeting all the children and reassuring them that their parents will come back. For break, they will have a little snack and that always ended up in a bit mess, so I had to help clean it up, which I usually don’t do daily. Regardless of how I was feeling, I had to keep a smile on my face and always get up and play with them. A challenge I faced was having to put the children on time-out even though they were crying. Overall, I have learnt a lot from this experience and I am grateful that I got to have this opportunity and that I am sure now that I wasn’t to work with children in the future.

Samaragee 10.2

During my work experience I had learned different things such as handling children is more work as they are active. I had a fun time as I got a chance to meet disabled children and help them. It made me sad as they have a difficult time trying to say what they want and it made me see life differently. Overall, I had a wonderful time and learned lots of nee things

Tiya 10.3

For my work experience, I worked at Care Home in Kenton, as a care assistant trainee; my first thought of knowing that it was going to be interesting and a new experience since I had not ever visited a care home. On the very first day, I was welcomed immediately – the staff were approachable. They guided me to make me feel at ease when meeting the residents, who were extremely friendly and compassionate. During the week, I learned how to interact with people who are less able and have a different mind-set due to various health conditions. I also learned how to deal with certain situations with the elderly, when they were upset or angry and that made me identify which type of conversations would make them happy. To entertain them, I played cards, scrabble and played some sweet pieces on the Piano. Overall, this work experience has provided me with another level of understanding of how to cope in the future when at my job and I would like to thank Work Experience Partners and Miss Reilly for giving me this opportunity.

Zanita 10.4

During my work experience, I had an opportunity to learn many things. Some of which were meeting and greeting customers, improving sales, store layout and merchandising. It was also a new experience as I got to be a staff member and have responsibility of my own. It taught me to become independent and take ownership. Overall, I enjoyed my time there and got to learn lots of new things.

Dinky 10.5

I worked at the Woodland school. This school is for children with severe learning difficulties. I was taught how to communicate with them. For them, sign language was the only means of communication. This made me sympathise with them which made me do my work with more passion.

Vatsal 10.6

If you are able to offer a work experience placement to an Avanti Student, please get in touch; [email protected]