Duke of Edinburgh – 6th March 2020

Further to the communication sent out earlier today, and have reviewed the latest advice released by the government regarding COVID-19, we can confirm that the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition will be going ahead as planned.

I wish to highlight the need for increased vigilance of hygiene and awareness of potential symptoms.

We are grateful for your continued support in this complex and evolving situation. If you do have any queries, Mr Arnell, Miss Bardsley and Mr Weyers will be onsite between 5 pm – 6 pm this evening.

A reminder that students should be arriving at Bentley Copse between 9 am and 10:30 am for the start of their expedition.

We will continue to update you if the requirements or advice changes and we will continue to follow government advice.


6th March 2020

In the past few hours the school has been made aware that a member of the temple congregation has sadly tested positive for COVID-19 and I wanted to communicate this to you as quickly as possible. The individual concerned has not recently been to the temple however other congregation members have been in contact with this person. As such, the school has taken advice from Public Health England and Harrow Public Health and has continued to follow their guidance.

Once again I wish to highlight the need for increased vigilance of hygiene and awareness of potential symptoms. Please utilize the links below to gain a full and detailed overview from NHS England and Public Health England.




As per our previous communications, please continue to notify the school if you have visited the areas internationally identified by Public Health England. This includes visiting the school and ensuring any declarations are made to the relevant members of staff.

At this stage there is no reason to expect that our school will have to close, though you will be aware that other schools have been subject to closure as part of the counter-measures to contain the spread of the virus.

We are grateful for your continued support in this complex and evolving situation. We will continue to update you as and if the requirements or advice changes and we will continue to follow government advice.


We want to provide a further update regarding the school response to Coronavirus Covid-19. This is an addition to the information sent out to parents earlier in the week and is to alleviate any issues that are being raised through social media.

As outlined in the previous communication the school is taking direct advice from Public Health England. The school has followed all correct procedures.

A member of staff returned from a trip to Italy. The staff member was on a visit outside of the exclusion zone in Northern Italy. The decision for the member of staff to remain at home was taken. This was made as an extra precaution, above and beyond the recommendation from Public Health England. The member of staff has taken medical advice and they are presenting with no symptoms therefore no further testing was required. We are in contact with the member of staff involved.

The advice from the previous communication remains and we will update you if there are any further developments from Public Health England. We have been liaising directly with Public Health England, as well as the local authority, other local schools and Trustees.

We have been made aware of the comments on social media regarding this issue. We would like to highlight again that all correct procedures have been taken. The comments on social media that have been made do not help in a challenging time for all schools and we would ask all to show the restraint required and to use social media appropriately and correctly. If further issues are raised after this communication we will respond accordingly.

Recruitment Opportunity: Examinations Invigilator

Avanti House Secondary School are seeking to add to their invigilation team for both internal and public examinations. If you are interested in applying, please click here>>

GCSE 2018/19 Headlines

Overall this was a record year for GCSE results at Avanti House Secondary School. There were exceptional performances with students gaining the very top grade 9’s across all subjects.

We are incredibly pleased with the results that demonstrate the hard work of staff, students and families in the increasingly tough environment of GCSEs. There were individual performances from the following pupils;

  • Visvapriaya Desai, 10 Grade 9s and 1 Grade A^
  • Lisa Chelikani, 9 Grade 9s and 1 Grade A*
  • Ishaan Patel, 7 Grade 9s and 1 Grade A^
  • Nikita Patel, 7 Grade 9s and 1 Grade A*
  • Krishna Karia, 7 Grade 9s and 1 Grade A*
  • Neha Assani, 7 Grade 9s and 2 Grade A*
  • Shiv Shah, 6 Grade 9s, and 1 Grade A^

There were some amazing department results with clear improvements across all departments. The core subjects are incredibly challenging to gain the highest marks, Avanti students excelled in these areas.

  • Mathematics: 88% Grade 9-4, 54% Grade 9-7
  • English: 86% Grade 9-4, 29% Grade 9-7
  • Chemistry: 100% Grade 9-4, 85% Grade 9-7
  • Physics: 98% Grade 9-4, 69% Grade 9-7
  • Biology: 100% Grade 9-4, 73% Grade 9-7
  • Further Mathematics: 100% Grade 9-4, 96% Grade 9-7

We were pleased to see the vast majority of our students being able to continue their sixth form studies at Avanti House. They will be able to continue growing and developing, ensuring they make the next steps in education.

GCE Headlines

We are really proud and delighted with our first set of A level results at Avanti House. The students have worked incredibly hard over the last seven years and with the support of staff and parents have produced a good set of results. Almost all of the students are progressing to university courses across the country including a wide range of Russell Group Universities such as Queen Mary, Cardiff, King’s College, Southampton and Nottingham.

There were exceptional outcomes with a very high pass rate of 98% A-E grades with many students gaining the very highest grades in the most challenging subjects at A level. The comparison of  A levels across the country has again highlighted the outstanding performance of students and subjects in the progress students make. The following subjects achieved a pass rate of 100% and were also placed in the top 10% of schools nationally for progress-Chemistry, Physics, English, History and Geography. There were also outstanding individual student performances who gained A and B grades and are now embarking on courses that will see their educational journey continue.

I would like to thank all who have supported the students in their Avanti journey and I would like to wish them all well in the future.


Dedicated, passionate and inspired staff and students.

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