The School Stake Holder Committee (SSC)

In support of the school, the members of SSC will undertake the following roles:

  • Develop a good understanding of and represent parental and staff views and aspirations about the quality of the educational experience of pupils, staff, parents and other stakeholders and partners of the school;
  • Represent the views and aspirations of parents and staff on the quality of the educational experience and its impact on the pupils in their school;
  • Inform the work of the school and improvement priorities by providing feedback on the experience and perspectives of diverse stakeholders, including the hard to reach parents;
  • Contribute to the running of the school by participating in disciplinary, exclusions, complaints, and appointments panels and other such forums that require representation of persons not employed at the school;
  • Work closely with the Principal and the Finance personnel on budget planning and preparation of monthly management accounts;
  • Support the school in the administration of pupil admissions policy to secure compliance with the published policy and the admissions code;
  • Advise the school on the effectiveness of its engagement and communication with parents as active and effective partners in their children’s education;
  • Contribute towards the formulation and review of school policies to improve the quality of school’s overall provision, including teaching and learning;
  • Be ambassadors of the school to promote partnerships with wider local communities to enrich the school’s offer to pupils, for example volunteering and mentoring programmes and employer engagement;
  • Act as a critical friend to the school leadership and contribute to the school self-review and strategic planning and the prioritisation short and longer term objectives.

Please click here to view the SSC Accountability Framework.

Please click here for more information about Trust governance (including SSC Member information, accounts and more)

Members of the SSC

Nishil Patel – Trust member – Chair
Contact via email

Darpna Tank – Trust member

Jatin Patel – Trust member

Anita Gohil – Trust member

Andrew Park – Parent member

Jagdip Ranpari – Parent member

Dina Popat – Support staff member

Please contact Julia Baker for all communications to the SSC.

Click here to download the SSC meeting minutes