School Stakeholder Committee (SSC)

The SSC members work together to support the Principal and senior leadership team in achieving what is best for the pupils. Each member brings with them a depth of knowledge from their own professional and personal lives which contributes to the growth of the school.

To view further information about the purpose of the SSC and the governance framework please click here. If you are interested in becoming an SSC member please contact the school office.

Current SSC Members

  • Jay Gadhia – Trust appointed – Chair Contact via email
  • Prajesh Patel – Parent Member
  • Adam Wyman – Teaching Staff Member
  • Sajana Kabaria – Community Member
  • Jyotika Patel – Community Member

Please contact Lorna for all communications to the SSC.

Register of Member Interests and Record of Attendance at SSC Meetings. Click here to view.

Vacancy for Parent SSC Member – click here for further details.